Landscaping Price List - averages on local landscape workers.

   Grounds Care Maintenance Costs.   
Landscaping Price Information by Contractors Solutions Inc.
Weekly Lawn Cutting Minimum $25.00 Each Cut
Evergreen Trimming Starts at $40.00 Each Tree or Shrub
Zero lot (total lot size 5500 sq ft or less) $24.00/wk
Average interior lot, front, back & alley (approx lot size100'x70') $26.00/wk
Average Corner Lot (approx lot size 100'x85') $36.00/wk
Oversized, Cull De Sac, Terraced/multilevel Request Estimate
Thursday or Friday service: add $1/wk
add $4/month
Services available on an ‘on call’ basis for $95/hr (3 person crew) or $75/hr (2 person crew) includes hedging, pruning, tree thinning, gutter cleaning, annual planting (annuals not supplied).
Small landscaping jobs, (bid by the job), including: removing and replacing shrubs, installing new borders, installing grass sod, creating new beds, and planting new trees. On Site Estimate Only.
Grass Cutting, Edging and Fertilizing
Landscaping Design
Retaining Garden Wall
Seasonal Weed Control
Delivery for soil, rocks & sod.
Lawn Aeration
Power Raking
Evergreen Trimming and Cleanup
Flower Beds, Tree Stump Removal
Establish a Bedline. Removing Unwanted Plants from Bedline
Planting container-grown or balled-and-burlapped plants. Foundation Plantings.
Landscape Workers around Philly
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Hardscaping, Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Garden Walls.
Landscaping & Hardscaping Trade-Workers Ready to Work for You. Let Us Beautify & Enhance the Value Of Your Property. Call us or email us for a price quote. Landscaping Designer Services. Combined with a unique Paver Design. Consultation and a Commercial Property Design. Nature-Scapes Naturalistic landscaping for the Main Line of Philadelphia.
Successful planting any kind of tree or shrub. Applying fertilizer in order to keep plants flourishing.  Fertilizers are combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium along with other minor elements like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Synthetic fertilizers may be dry and in granular, powder, or pellet form or liquid. Natural fertilizers also come in dry or liquid forms. Most of them are not complete fertilizers. For example, bloodmeal supplies nitrogen that will quickly green up failing plants.  Bonemeal gives phosphorus for root growth and flower formation. So, you may need more than one product for complete fertilization. Topsoil or composted organic matter with the soil you dug from the hole, usually at a ratio of 1:1. In areas with high rainfall and heavy clay soil. About:
Landscaping, Trees, grass,
lawn repair, seed, sod, sprigs, plugs, plants, planting, bed-line, unwanted plants, weeds, foundation plantings, soil, compost, trees, yard designing, container-grown trees, B and B trees, damages from deer, root ball, remodeling projects, outdoor lighting, lighting installers - All around Philadelphia, Philly, PA.
Fast Growing Royal Empress Paulownia trees. Fast growing decorative/ornamental flowering shade trees. Reaches 30'- 40' in three years with full shade and blooms - $43.97
Skyrocket Juniper Tree, This extremely narrow (18 in. at maturity) columnar or fastigiated grower has
rich blue foliage - $20.00 Red Maple Arbor Day Tree Kit- Grow Maple Trees from Seed- Tree Seeds
The Red Maple Tree Kit is the easiest and least expensive way to start trees from seed.
The high quality Red Maple tree - $69.00

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retaining walls, hardscaping, pavers, economical designer ideas.

Residential, Commercial, property maintenance, retaining walls, patio pavers,
lawn care, hardscape, garden walls, walkways, driveways, mulch, flowers, fertilization, organic fertilization, landscape installation, family owned & operated, licensed & insured, certified ICPI installer, landscaping, landscapers, hardscaping.

Landscaping, tree experts, grass, new lawn, lawn repair, seed, sod, sprigs, plugs, plants, planting, bed line, unwanted plants, weeds, foundation plantings, soil, compost, trees, container-grown trees, B and B trees, damages from deer, root ball. Gardening, hardscaping, lawn care, mowing.

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