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The Free Neighborhood Input - The Local Web Works Around Philly.

We welcome your input to hundreds of our E-Support Local Web pages.  Our local trade business network is opened to all.
All fees charged by Contractors Solutions Inc. are applied to the cost of operating and implementing our programs.
We are an association of business people and professional property trades. We do not discriminate. We stand opposed to unlawful Internet activities and misuse.  The input contained within our websites are written by the people living in and around the Philadelphia area and its suburbs. We hope you will join us! We welcome writings of all sorts, and we'll post them here at no cost to anyone. We will not edit your work, but we reserve the right to deny posting it.  We always expect the input to have value. We will make every effort to post anything sent in to us. We will reject any written materials that might produce controversy or bad taste to the majority of our viewers. We reserve the right to reject anything sent in to us without excuse or response.
The goal of Contractors Solutions Inc. is to support every property related concern - Economically.  The information in our websites can be used anyway you see fit.

Possible Responses by email.

Adding Links, Adding Your Input

Please send us all the information you want posted and we'll add it to the appropriate page where it will serve most helpful.  Please return to the page and review your listing.
Please send us any corrections, additions or deletions needed. We'll make the changes.
You may update your business listing by writing back to us.
You also may add listings and links to other pages of your choice (no costs involved).
Thank You, Contractors Solutions Inc.

We welcome your input. We'll write you back when it's been posted. Be sure to include your address, office telephone number, all the services you offer and any links. Thank You, Contractors Solutions Inc.

Thank You, Contractors Solutions Inc.
Our Websites and Web Pages

The contents and photos posted on our webpages have been gathered from hundreds of sources such as: other contractor business websites no longer wanted, hired local website makers for new projects, college and high school projects from young people and the input from many friends and associates within our Business Network.
Some of our Price List pages were prepared with insurance damage assessment information some time ago.
As our Open Welcome has been to everyone in the Delaware Valley - WE Welcome Your Input!
Contractor Referral - - Contractors Network Follow Up
___________________________________________________Work Inquiry Forwarded

Your information was forwarded to a contractor within our network who has plenty of experience with these services.
He will contact you directly about it.
Please keep our office updated on the progress.
Thank You, The Able Group Contractors Network.

Thank you for your inquiry. The trade contractors within our network can be found here -
Our referral arrangements do not involve payments or padding of any kind (like other companies do).
______No Address . . . or Not Enough Info . . . MAY NOT BE LOCAL.

Our information and estimating services are meant for the sole benefit of the contractors within our network.
Our services are for every property within a one hour drive from center city Philadelphia.

Thank you for your inquiry.  If you send a photo and more details, we'll have more to work on.

Our services are for every property in the Delaware Valley. I'll need your phone number and property address before services can be rendered (company policy).

_______                                               Long Shot Estimate . . . Need more interaction.

Hi ., I'll try to make arrangements for a site visit estimate for your inquiry.  Bear in mind travel time and fuel costs are forcing us to be selective.  In the mean time, please send us some photos and we will try to send back information based on what we can see from here, Thank You.

Please send us a photo of the area and I'll try to estimate it from here. It’s the “online age” … being more informative while using less time - please understand.
_____________________________________Products Sold Online

At the present time we do not sell these items without the installation work. Our web page may imply this. We are in the set up process of offering these products wholesale, and the web page was simply made in advance.
Looking for a Job, Inquiry for Help Wanted

I received your info but we are not hiring at this present time. Please send me 6 or 7 short, brief line items that best describe your trade experience and distance from our shop (not too wordy). I'll keep it on file and may try calling you at some point, Thank You.
Trade Work Inquiry  -  Visitation Estimates  -  Projects to Bid. WELCOME.

Hi ., Thank you for your inquiry. We offer the most information before and after we visit your property. I'll try to send you some line items costs on this. It's a job well done (economically) and a job done well (expertly) we strive for. I'll try calling later today about it, Thank You,

Yes, we can help you with that. An approximate cost for this would be , unless we run into something unusual. Let me know if you want me to put this on our schedule. I'll try calling later today about it, Thank You,

Trade Work Inquiry  -  Projects to Bid________........ Must Charge for Estimate.

Please understand when it comes to tooled diagnostics, investigations or evaluations we must charge for our time.  In a situation like yours the cost would range around $140.00 for fact finding and a write up of materials and labor for what is required. We must justify our time and equipment in this way and only request a fee to keep from being used.

In many cases our job cost estimates are free. Project Design (which is required in your case) with a Job Cost Breakdown is something we normally charge for.
We normally charge $125.00 which can be applied as a credit to the job.

If you want to go forward on this, we can prepare the line item costs, design sketch, equipment specs, etc. for you.
Before we do this I’ll want to discuss a fee for these, as our time would be compensated for if you choose go into another direction ($200.00).
Delays and Difficulties___________________________DELAY, Decline and too busy

I am sorry for the delay. Our work load has been backed up lately preventing me from giving your inquiry the time needed. I’m still interested if you are (just bogged down till the end of the week).

I am sorry for the delay. We've been overwhelmed by the "seasonal surge" and just getting to our back-log of inquiries.

I am sorry for the delay. 
At this point we cannot commit our schedule to new inquiries (just getting to our back-log now).
We are way behind on our work commitments and must respectfully decline on this at this time.
Able Group Inc.

Sorry for the delay, but we're under some pressure till early next week to complete work commitments. I’ll try to follow up with you then.

Thank you for your inquiry. Our services are limited to properties within an hours drive from center city Philadelphia.
Please let us know the property address and contact info.

________________________....... Too Far  >> Too Small

I am sorry; your property is too far for us to service economically.
The info in your inquiry is too small for the amount travel time required.

Thank you for your inquiry but our services are limited to properties within an hour drive from center city Philadelphia.  On occasions we'll extend our service areas, but cannot do it in your case.  I am sorry.

Proposal in Progress . . Follow Up . . or Rejected
___________________________________________PRO. Follow-Up, "How Bout It" ??

Proposal in Progress, Follow Up - just a note about the proposed information:
We strive for the best of both - high standards for the job, and the right price. Please update our office at any time on progress or any new questions you have.
I'm ready to talk about it when you are. Thank You.

Hi ., I trust our information was beneficial.
I hope you consider me for the project.
We earn a living by working our trade. The time spent on your property and typing up a very detailed proposal is an investment we provide in order to win your favor, (if not for now, maybe down the road).
Please remember me.
Thank you,
Want to Buy, Want to Sell

Want to Buy, Want to Sell - This particular service was meant for the property owners that hire us for our trade work. We try to assist property management through our network with this service as well. We do not "buy out right" unless we know of someone who can benefit from it in advance.
Property Evaluation

A property evaluation / investigation will be required to determine the best course of action to take. We call this a "documentation of existing conditions". The average cost for a situation like yours is $175.00. It includes a study of items involved, technical research for energy concerns, possible alternatives for a better ROI, along with an outline of additional helpful info.

> > Particular Jobs and Projects < <

Handicap Ramps and Building Access
Creating building access for handicapped persons must be custom designed in order to meet ADA standards. Because each case is unique, we must charge for a project design and the investment of our time involved.  Our services include an informative sketch which can be used to acquire a building permit and a breakdown of costs.  We normally charge an initial fee of $175.00 which can be applied as credit to the job. 

Motorized Gates - Gate Openers, Barrier Arms
We do not offer Free Estimates for Motorized Gates, Gate Openers and Barrier Arms.
New Installations require site design, equipment options and a layout sketch for costs.
Repairs services require technician labor for a tooled discovery for system diagnostics at the property.
In either case our initial fee is $185.00 at the time of arrival.

NOTES on SERVICE:  If minor issues are found they will be repaired while onsite.
If deeper issues or replacement components are required - these costs will be listed on a separate doc before going forward.  If equipment upgrades are needed  - Our office will handle the project design and system recommendations from the technician's review of existing property conditions.

Sports Lighting
In most cases we do not offer Free Estimates for Sports Lighting. Project design which is a lengthy process and is required in most cases is something we must charge for.  Our onsite field discovery service, planning and equipment design for first time inquiries begin at $175.00.  This includes factory recommendations for illumination for specific uses, alternatives, power availability, etc.  Our documentation also includes a Job Cost Breakdown for comparisons.  If you are still interested please let me know more details.  If this is an expansion of an existing lighting system that is normally - No Charge.

Intercom Systems - NEED SERVICE
We do not offer Free Estimates for "multiple tenant, Intercom System upgrades" or repair services.
Our technician services for an initial tooled discovery at the property is $175.00 at the time of arrival.
If minor issues are found they will be repaired while onsite.
If deeper issues or replacement components are required - these costs will be listed on a separate doc before going forward.
If you are still interested please let us know and we'll get this on our schedule.
Intercom Systems - NEW
We do not offer Free Estimates for "multiple tenant, Intercom System upgrades". A property evaluation and a tooled discovery is required to determine all the costs involved for equipment and wiring installations.
Our office handles the project design and system recommendations from the technician's review of existing property conditions.
We normally charge $175.00 for an evaluation document of information which includes a Job Cost Breakdown.
This could be applied as a credit to the job.

Snow Melt Systems
We do not offer Free Estimates for Snow Melt System installations for new inquiries.
All of our Snow Melt Systems are pre-engineered for a specific purpose.  We only install custom designed systems for the areas of your priorities.  We handle the initial sketch layout, power supply wiring and cooperative installations with other construction trades.  Our systems are factory made to our measurements.  In many cases we can estimate the total cost of these systems with details on the areas of concern which you could send to us.  We would reply with a line item quotation based on that.
We prefer to present these to you by email without cost, because we charge for the initial onsite design-layout visit depending on the scope of your property requirements.

Utility Poles
Thank you for your inquiry.  For non-emergency, privately owned utility pole replacements - we estimate by photo. 
All we need is a single photo of the entire pole showing top to bottom and all cables attached. 
We follow up with an accurate quotation with details of what it includes and approximate work schedule.
Utility Poles
Able Group Inc is a commercial, industrial and institutional facility services company.  Utility poles, aerial cables and underground power are normally performed directly to property management.  Non-emergency installation costs are based on a review of onsite conditions.  As sub-contractor, onsite estimates would necessitate a service fee.  We offer free "in-office" estimates with your details and photos.  The same applies to residential homeowners.

Pole Lighting, Street Lights, Parking Lot Lighting
In most cases we do not offer Free Estimates for High Reach Pole Lighting. We have an Online Price List Posted Here: 
Parking Lot Lighting PRICE LIST  Is it possible to send a photo?
We need to see the damages to the base of the pole or damages to the fixture head.
Repairs to tall light poles are rare because of safety reasons. They must be able to sustain 50 mile per hour wind (at a minimum) without falling down or fixture parts breaking off.
Is it possible a new substitute could be installed in its place?

Standby Generators
In most cases we do not offer Free Estimates for Standby Generators.  Estimates for a new Standby Generator System can be quoted from our office. We'll need details about what is essential during an outage and an approximate location of where you prefer the unit to be. I can send you a line item quotation based on that.
Typically a generator system is not designed for total automatic switch-on power. This would not be cost effective. “Essentials” are what we use to determined unit size, system design and costs.

Thru-Wall Air Conditioning
Our online price list is posted here:
We do not offer free visitation estimates for these installations, we estimate by photo.  Please send us one of the inside and one of the outside.  We do not supply the A/C Units.  We are contractors licensed for the construction and electrical work required for the installation.  With the details from the unit you now have, we will reply back with estimated costs based on the info you send.

Surveillance and Security Systems
In most cases we do not offer Free Estimates for Security Systems.  A property evaluation will be required to determine the best course of action to take for a suitable surveillance system. The average cost for this is $175.00. It includes a property design layout for areas of concern, equipment specifications with technical data and possible alternatives along with an outline of additional helpful info.
Thanks, Anthony Tori.

Hi ., I am sorry but presently we are in the process of ending our standard services driveways. Our services are directed toward electrically heated driveways and are no longer giving free estimates for re-paving & repairs.
Our apologies, The Able Group Contractors.

Fix-It Repair and Services
Our shop repairwork services are more economical when the item can be brought here. We claim we can fix anything but in all honesty we've had some challenges that did not work out due to very special parts which were not available (and could not be duplicated).
In cases where the item cannot be brought here, we charge a small fee to review problems and services needed which can be applied to the overall cost.
Where distance is a factor, the fee is;
Our address is 2114 Bellemead Avenue, Havertown, PA 19083.
Thank you, Anthony Tori cell# 610-416-9570.

Fabrications, Custom Made Items
We are able to fabricate just about anything you need, and can meet any specifications you require. Bear in mind custom made items always cost much more than factory production items. We'll estimate the costs as per your details. Our charges for custom design and planning can be applied as credit to the contracted amount.

Electrical Inspections
The procedure for an Electrical Inspection must include the services of an electrical contractor first. The property must first be cleared of all electrical hazards and non-code compliant conditions by a licensed person who will stand responsible. In most cases panels covers are removed and a thorough walk through is performed in order to view all visible electricals. Our services are to make all code required repairs and replacements necessary at that same time. Then we'll contact the Inspection Agency for the Underwriter's Sticker and Certification. With assurance from us, the inspection process is completed quickly. Calling for an Underwriter Inspection without this procedure may incur delays and charges for a second inspection once all compliance issues are resolved.

Backyard Structures

Our Playset assembly prices are based on the factory estimated assembly time stated on the packaging. Our assembly work for small sets begin at $315.00. Mid-sized Playsets having a club house and slide at $515.00. This is our rate for one full work day for two tooled workers. Playset relocations are priced by information sent to us on size and distance.
We are construction contractors which handle all aspects of backyard structures such as: ground leveling, retaining walls, concrete posts, drainage issues, platforms, electric lights, mulching, etc.
If you send us more details about the project, I can give you an exact quote based on those added details.
OTHER NOTES:  Catalog numbers do not help us to render an exact price but a picture or link will. Trash haul away is not included in our costs. The distance from our shop to your property may require added fuel and travel charges.

Special Events
Thank you for your inquiry. We are licensed construction, electrical and mechanical contractors experienced in Special Events of all types. We're equipped to handle all aspects of set up and take down. Your project is difficult to quote a price on. We will probably have to discuss this over the phone.
We do not rent out our equipment.

$300.00 will cover for two workers for the day.
These are insured trade workers doing side jobs and are capable of handling anything else needed during the event.
Thank you, Anthony Tori.

Hard Labor
Thank you for your inquiry. We are licensed construction contractors and experienced heavy equipment relocators. We handle all aspects of any project. Your project is difficult to quote a price on. We will probably have to discuss this over the phone.

Thank you for your inquiry, Anthony Tori - Able Group Inc.

Sad Story Emails

I've read your difficulties and will try to help you. Please understand we are licensed and insured contractors, earning an honest living. Our trucks, tools and time are paid for by the work we accomplish. Is it possible you have friends that can pitch into the effort?

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