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Code Violations and Hazardous Conditions. Cost Breakdowns and Damage Assessments. Cost Proposals from Various Companies. Factory Specifications. Proof of poor workmanship and negligence. Expansion Limitations. Legal Facts for Safety Regulations. Comparative Situations. Property Trades Documentation. Damage Explanations and facts for insurance claims. "Licensed, Qualified Know-How" for your case.

We stand behind our Facts. Informative Sketches and Diagrams. Providing A. to Z. Property Relevant Consultation with Trade Professionals. Nothing beats our professional presentations. A single document with scanned-in sketches, photos, diagrams, quotes and notes gives you all the info needed at a glance.
We also add: Pricing of materials, fixtures, equipment and labor by the trade professionals within our network.

Documentation on Property Conditions by Contractors Solutions Inc.
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Basic Wiring Diagrams, Free advice and free consultation for legal issues.
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Electric Meter Facts Is your power leaking? Are you paying for someone else's electric? Is your landlord honest?
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We'll Explain It - If your landlord fails to fulfill his or her duties as stated in your rental or lease agreement, put your complaint in writing, and if possible take pictures of the problem situation. Be sure to keep copies for your records, because if your landlord does not respond to your complaints, you’ll need all this documentation to show that you made an effort to resolve the problem. Typically, your landlord will respond to the first series of complaints. If your landlord does make repairs, thoroughly inspect and document the process to make sure repairs are done properly. If your landlord does not respond to your complaint in 24-48 hours, you should formally submit another complaint by certified mail. This way, in the worst-case scenario that your landlord is still unresponsive, you can take legal action against him or her. If the problem is severe enough, you may need to move out, or arrange for the repairs yourself (you can deduct the cost of repairs from your rent payment). Constructive eviction is the legal concept that allows you to leave a property that is uninhabitable. Contact us with your particular issue - We will help you.
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