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Yes, we install electrical door openers of every sort.
Automatic Door Openers, Equipment Installations by Contractors Solutions Inc - Philadelphia.
Electrically operated door openers require precision installation. Whether they are for ADA compliant handicap use or as simple as opening your garage door. Installation work is what we specialize in here at Contractors Solutions Inc.
Disability Access Handicap Door Opener, automatic handicap door openers and door activation switches. Handicap Restroom Door Openers for ADA Compliance.
Automatic Swing Door Openers Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike - Automatic swing door opener turns any inward or outward swinging left or right-hand door into an automated door. ADA approved handicap door opener for restroom, handicap ramp entrance with adjustable timer.
Automatic, remote control car door openers and commercial automatic door openers industrial automatic door openers, automatic gate openers, garage door openers and door operators.
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Yes, we can supply the equipment, or work with your equipment.
Automatic Door Openers - Commercial Operator can be electrical or totally pneumatic in operation or interfaced with low voltage electronics for total public access and / or we can also interface with remote controls. If interfaced with our standard Palm Button system the only electricity required is to operate the compressor. This fully pneumatic system needs no costly electric work, no sensors and no conduit for wiring. Installation Ease No modification of the door or jambs Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet Complete instructions are packed with every door opener Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all it takes). Versatile Applications: Fits in most interior and some exterior door applications Left and right hand door openers are available. Jamb mount, to push door open or door mount, to pull door open. Inverted model, for limited room above the door. Deep reveal and door mounted door opener units for special applications. An Array of Companion Controls: Push Plate Wall Switches, Push Button Wall Switches Touch Plate Wall Switch, Coded Radio Transmitter / Receiver, Keyless Entry Systems, Electric Door Locks and Strikes.
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