Damage Repair and Mending at Contractors Solutions, Havertown, PA.    Yes WE CAN FIX IT!
Lighted Signage Repair Services for all Commercial Properties.
 Low-Cost Fix the Damage Experts and other Work-Shop Services.
Small and Large Mending, Your Place or Ours @ 2114 Bellemead Avenue, Havertown, PA 19083
Yes, we can improve it, Yes, we can recondition it, Yes, we can restore it, Yes, we can make it from scratch!
Damage repairs for Neon, neon signs and repair services.

Ready to Work for You.

Damage Repairwork for: Plastic, Wood, Medal, Glass, Plexi-glass, Steel, Copper, Aluminum and cast iron. Other workshop services for: Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing and Welding.

All Trades, All Services, All Repairs Work-Shop.
Specializing in Damages to Equipment, Materials and Parts.
Mending and Reconditioning for just about anything.
Auto Damages, Fork Lift Damages, Vandalism Damages,
Accidental Damages, Shipping and Handling Damages.
Our Low Cost Fix-it Work Shop by Contractors Solutions Inc. Havertown, PA
It's also a "Special Project - Trade Resource" for that unusual situation.
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Shop Work in; Plastic, Wood, Medal, Glass, Plexi-glass, Steel, Copper and Aluminum. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting and Reinforcing. Items Small or Large. Items Removed and Reinstalled. Items for Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Construction, Masonry, Roofing and Retail Display Shelving.
Low Cost Fix it - Pick Up and Delivery for everywhere around Philadelphia, PA.
Damage Repairs for: Loading Dock Repairs, Fire Damage Repairs, Trash Dumpster Damage Repairs, A/C Central Air Conditioning, Air conditioning special parts, A/C HVAC Supplies, A/C thru-wall, Acoustical Ceilings, Alarm Systems, Appliance Purchases, Warehouse Shelving, Audio/Visual, Awnings and Canopies, Bathroom items, Building Equipment, Building Damages, Property Damages, Water Damages, Carpentry Repairs, Furniture Damage Repairs, Carports, Ceiling Fans, Lightning Damages, Chimneys, Countertops, Decks and Patios, Concrete Damage Repairs, Dishwasher, Apartment Complex Maintenance, Public Facility items, Bollard Pole, Parking Lot Equipment, Doors-Exterior, Overhead doors, Parking Lot Lighting Pole Damages,
Electric Heaters and Electrical items.

Repair It, Recondition It, Create It, Vandal Proof It, Safety Proof It, Invent It,
Convert It, Improve It, Rebuild It, You Name It!


Shop Work & Repair

Able to Fix it. We have an old fashioned repair shop, BUT, it's the GREEN way of saving money - Repair and Recycle It! All Around Philly and Suburbs

Electrical Equipment Repairwork. Recondition it, re-create it, vandal proof it, safety proof it, re-invent it, convert it, improve it, recycle it, repair it, or rebuild it, Philadelphia.

Fabrication Services - Philadelphia. Fabrication Services for just about anything; Plastic, Wood, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Plexi-glass, Iron and Steel. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing, Re-building. Items Removed and Reinstalled.

Mechanical-Electrical Equip.

Repair-All Services, Delaware County, PA. Bring it to the Contractors Solutions WorkShop. Refinishes, Restorations, Moving parts made. Repairs made for items that can't be replaced. Valued Items Recycled, New Parts, New Finishes and New Ideas for improvements.

Vandalism Prevention.

Workshop Repair Services.

Welding Design and Fabrication.