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Hoist Winch and Rigging, Electric Hoists, Electric Winches, Festoon System, Festoon System Cable and Connectors, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes Lifting Magnets, Lifting Tongs, Motorized Chain Hoists, Modular Cranes, Motor Driven Trolleys, Pallet Lifters, Ratchet Puller.
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Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Hoists, Electric Winches, Lifting Magnets, Modular Cranes, Motor Driven Trolleys, Pallet Lifters, Ratchet Puller, Remote Control Switches, Steel Cable Torque Tube Guided Lifting Systems, Trolleys, Truck and Trailer, Winch Accessories, Winch Cables, Wire, Rope and Mesh Slings.

Completely Sealed Body suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments. Gaskets throughout the hoist provide an IP55 rating. Oil Bath and precision machined helical and spur gears provide for quiet, smooth, and cool operations. Superior Quality Chain is precision gauged, Grade 80, manganese alloy load chain that is heat treated for wear resistance and extended life.
The Highest Quality most Technologically Advanced Hoist in the Industry. Extreme Duty Motor - 60 minute, H4 classification, Class B insulation with cooling fins and standard thermal motor protection Compact Aluminum Body is lightweight and offers one of the lowest headroom hoists in the industry. Extremely durable and reliable Pull Rotor Motor Brake. Contains NO brake coil to fail like conventional disc brakes. Durable Push-Button Pendant for easy, one-handed operation. Rated IP65. Includes strain relief wire molded to pendant cord for added support and dependability. Plug-In Connections saves valuable time on setup and maintenance. “Quick disconnect” replaces typical competitive hard-wired designs. Easy Maintenance Control Panel is hinged to swing out to provide fast, easy, and trouble free access. Long-Life Friction Clutch protects hoist from damage and prevents over-winding.  440lb Electric Overhead Cable Winch Hoist Crane Lift Our electric hoist lifts up to 440 pounds. Perfect for general maintenance. 880 Lb Electric Overhead Cable Winch Hoist Crane Lift Our electric hoist lift capacity up to 880 pounds. Electric Chain Hoist Crane Lift Winch 1/4 T Lodestar 2-ton Jib Crane, Cm Electric Hoist, 2-Ton jib crane CM electric chain hoist Electric trolley Volts 460 Beam length, 19 ft. 2000 Lb 1 Ton Electric Hoist Budgit Crane Budget 880 Lb 110 Volt Electric Wire Rope Crane Lifting Hoist 440 Lb 110 Volt Electric Wire Rope Crane Lifting Hoist Demag 1000 Pound Electric Chain Hoist Fall Gantry Crane 3ph.
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