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Electrical and Mechanical designing and construction is the reason to contact us first. Having the widest in diversity of trades we can absolutely build it. Electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and/or components to required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability. We design and manufacture electrical equipment for use across many sectors, such as: the building industry and services, including lighting, heating, ventilation, etc.; manufacturing and construction, production and distribution of power. Experienced electrical engineers and always involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover. Technical knowledge, electrical engineers need to project manage and multitask. They also need to have commercial awareness. Additional attributes, such as team leadership or management skills, are required as careers progress. Ask us about 3Phase and 2Phase electrical services. Construction for 4160 Volts, Primary Electrical power equipment Utility pole and Aerial Electrical Cables. We design innovative Apartment Utility Separations including all the modifications needed for your commercial property.
Electrical engineering for Auditorium Equipment Systems, A.V. Business Systems and Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment. Commercial and industrial Bolt-On Circuit Breakers and Buss Duct construction. Electrical Construction, Construction for Electrical all around Delaware County and Philadelphia. Just ask us about it - Electric Heaters, Essential Electrical Power Circuits. Electrical Construction for large Ethernet Systems and Computer Rooms along with the much needed HVAC. Exit Signs - Electrical Construction, Construction for Electrical, Rough Wiring, underground power, concrete, Delaware County, electrical wiring, outdoor lighting, NEC, National Electrical Code, Main Line, Lower Merion, Philadelphia PA Electrical design for the Protection Fence for Electrical Equipment. Generator - Mobile Site Cables for Industrial Electrical Upgrades. Industrial Power Inverters Intercom Systems, Motor Starters Motors Parking Lot Equipment, Service Parking Area Security Systems Petroleum Station Services Phase Converter Design Build. Quick Connect Generator Receptacles Electrical - INFO Rough Wiring Safety Inspections Service Entrance Service Upgrade Standby Power Generators Surge / Spike Suppressers Transformers Two Phase Electrical Service Underground Electrical Power UPS Systems and Utility Poles.
Electrical Engineering Economy Style, Electrical Engineering by Contractors Solutions Inc Philadelphia.

Landscape Lighting Design, Warehouse Lighting Design. Electrical Construction - Delaware County, Philadelphia, Tri-State. Construction - Building, Able to Re-Design it, Addition Stage One Aerial Platform Lift Work, Apartment TurnOver and Architectural Planning. Attic Conversion or just Attic Flooring, Basements and Basement Wall Coatings. Big Beam Framing, Brickwork/Stonework and Building it with You. Built-ins, Lighted. Concrete - Heavy Equipment, Concrete Work, Energy Conservation JOBS, Energy Cutter Improvements, Fire Protection and Fire Rated Drywall. Utility Poles, Installers for Privately Owned Utility Poles - The Able Group. Foundation Work, Footings, Garages, Green Property Projects and Handicap Construction. Electrical construction for the Home Add-On. Iron Work / Welding, Kitchen and Restroom Improvements, Masonry, Office Improvers, Painting, Paving and Pavements. Renovations - Commercial for Required Ground Fault Protection. Kitchen receptacles that serve counter top surfaces. Sump pumps, Crawl spaces at or below grade. Spas, Hydro massage, Hot tubs and associated electrical components. Pretty much any location where water and electricity might mix.
Your Philadelphia Connection for Construction made for Signs - Street Sign, Pole Signs, Neon, LED, Custom signs, repairs, sign installations and signage contractors. Bucket Truck for Hire - to service your sign. Public Facility - Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Rigging, Hauling and Installing. Custom installations of all kinds. School. House of Worship. Community Center. Theater. Park. Auditorium. Shopping Complex. All Real Estate Services - Signs, Signage Installations, all types of signs, post signs, wall signs and office signs. Restaurant, Cafe, Diner Contractor Services: Cafe, Restaurant, Diner, Bar, Tavern in the Philadelphia area. Signage Services for the Dining Out Facility including: all Electrical and Mechanical. Signs for Your Shopping Center or Retail Store. Signage Damage Mending Service, Delaware County, PA.
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Contact us for Electrical Products and Supplies such as:  Circuit Breakers of all types, voltages, specifications and sizes from GE, Murray, Bryant, Challenger, Square D, Cutler Hammer, FPE, Wadsworth, ITE Pushmatic, Thomas and Betts, and Zinsco. Heinemann Breakers, Siemens Breakers
Ask us about used and obsolete Circuit Breakers. Large Frame Breakers, 480V., 3 pole, shunt trip, etc.
Light Bulbs and Dimmers - The most popular manufacturers, such as Philips, Sylvania, Abco, and Lutron.
Light Fixtures - A full line of Progress, Simkar, Nutone, Rab, and Juno light fixtures.
Electrical Supplies @ Contractors Solutions Inc., a large inventory and wide spread resource of electrical supplies including circuit breakers, panels, thermostats, baseboard heat, light fixtures, bulbs, dimmers, smoke detectors, wire, cable, motors, tools, fans, devices, fittings, connectors, fuses, testers, boxes, conduit, EMT, disconnects, safety switches, and timers.
Ask us about the costs and product lines from the most popular manufacturers, such as Progress, Simkar, Eagle, Leviton, GE, Nutone, Murray, Challenger, Eaton, Rab, Square D, Delta, Mulberry, Lutron, Juno, Wiremold, Madison, Arlington, Philips, Cadet, Cutler Hammer, FPE, Wadsworth, ITE, Pushmatic, Lennox, Greenlee, Sylvania, Klein, Universal, Advance, Stonco, Viking, Victor, B Line, Intermatic, Intertherm, Raywall, TPI, Abco, Bryant, Etcon, and Lightalarms.
3M Products - Breaker Panel Lockouts, Cable Adapter Kits, Cable Tubing, Disconnects, Electrical Tape, Scotch 33+, Stacons, Fork and Ring Lugs, 3 barrel and 4 barrel lugs.
Outdoor Termination Kits, Splice Accessories, Splice Kits, Splice Kits 15 KV, Termination Kits and Underground Load-breaks.
Wire Markers all types. ABCO Light Bulbs and Compact Fluorescents (CFL).
Halogen and Incandescent Lamps, Special Purpose Lamps and Special Parts, Incandescent Lamps and Sockets.
B-Line - Pipe Hangers, Ballasts, Baseboard Heaters, Products from Cadet and BRK.
Motion Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Fire Systems, accessories, components and relays.
Broan - Bath Cabinets, Bath Fans and Lights, Blower Accessories, Doorbell Buttons, Fan Units and combination units.
Heaters, Range Hood Accessories, Variety of Range Hoods and Ventilator Accessories - ducted and non-ducted.
Ventilators. Bryant Breakers, Connectors, Panels, Switches, Underground wire - UF, Steel Fittings - LB
Cooper Wiring Devices, Connectors, Flexible Cord, Connectors Straight Blade, Cords, Dimmers, Fan Speed Controls.
Flanged Inlets, Flanged Outlets, Flexible Cord Grip, Fuses, GFCI Lamp holders, Locking Devices and Motor Controls.
Outlet Taps, Receptacles 15A. 20A. 30A., Safety Rated and Twist-Lock, Surge Suppression Outlets, Combination Switches.
Wall Plates, Weatherproof Boxes, Wire Mesh Cable Pullers, Eagle Cords, Surge Protectors, Cube Taps and Adapters.
Fuses Lamp holders, Etcon, Fisher Pierce, Photocells, Cable and Wire Ties, Cable Supplies, Conduit Tools and Fish Tapes.
Knockout Punches, Meters and Testers, Splices and Connectors, Staples, Tools, Wire Connectors and wire nuts.
Greenlee, Cable Cutters, Cable Pullers, Clamp On Meters, Coaxial Cable Tools, Conduit Tools Crimp Tools and Hole Saws.
Meters and Testers, Benders and KO Punches, Modular Plugs, Stepped Cone Drills, Uni-Bit, Telecom Testers and Drill Bits.
Intermatic Arrestors, Electronic Timers, Intermatic, Lamp Timers and Mechanical Timers T101, T102, T103 and T104.
Relays, Motors, Intermatic, Outlet Strips, Photocells, Intermatic Spring wound Timers and Timer Accessories.
Intermatic Trippers, Weatherproof Timers, PVC Boxes, Enclosures, Screw Cover Boxes, Floor Receptacles and Power Poles.
Lighting - Filters and Lenses, Lamp Shades, Lighting Accessories and Low Voltage Lighting for Landscape illumination.
Recessed Lighting - Recessed Lighting Trims Track Lights, Track Lighting and Track Lighting End Feeds and Accessories.
Lightalarm, Lutron, Decorator Dimmers, Ariadni, Dimmers Diva, Dimmers Diva 600W, Maestro, Nova and Nova Low Voltage.
Lutron Dimmers - Radiora and Skylark. Lutron Dimming Ballasts, Dimming System Accessories and Dimming Systems.
Lighting Control Systems, Master Control Switches and Outlets, Speed Controls, Lutron Wall Plates, Madison Connectors.
RX-Cable, Motors, Clock Receptacles, Conduit EMT, HW, Junction Boxes, Knock Out Seals and Twist-Top Photo cells.
Wall Plates, Cover Plates, Brass Plates, White and Ivory Plates, Maxi Plates, Plastic and Metal Plates.
Disconnects, Ground Bars, Hubs Meter Sockets, ML Panels, MB Panels, Bugs, Lugs, Wire Ties SEU, SER Cables. ML Panels Nutone Bath Fans, Ceiling Fan Lights, Door Buttons, Door Chimes, Exhaust Fans, Bath Fan and Light Combination Unit.
Nutone Heaters, Nutone Fans and Intercoms, Under Cabinet Lights, Ambiance Lights, Central Vacuum Systems.
Pass And Seymour, Cable Grips, Connectors Datacom and Phone, Locking Devices, GFCI Protectors, Pilot and Jewel Lights.
T-8 and T-5 Fluorescent Tube Lamps, T-8 and T-5 Fluorescent Fixtures, with wrap-around covers, Fluorescent Lamp Sleeves.
High Intensity Discharge - HID Lamps, Incandescent and Miniature Lamps, Photo and Projection Lamps, Stage Studio TV Lamps.
U Bent Fluorescent Lamps, Porcelain Products, Progress Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, Hall and Foyer Lights.
Landscape Lights, Progress Track Lights, Lighting Accessories, Outdoor Light Fixtures, Pendant Lights and Recessed Lighting.
Surface Fixtures, Track Lights, Wall and Bath Lights, Wall Sconces, Cloud Lights, Drum Fixtures and Jelly Jar Fixtures.
RAB - Explosion Proof, Garden Lights, Garden Lights, Parking Lot Lights, Outdoor Wide Area Flood Lighting Fixtures and Lamps.
Parking Lot Lighting Poles, Parking Area Lighting Accessories, Motion Sensors, Pole Lights and Lighting Bollards.
Vandal Resistant - Outdoor Lights, Vapor Proof Fluorescent, Vapor Proof HID, Vapor proof Incandescent Lamps and Parts.
Simkar Fluorescents, Lenses, Sockets, Square D Surge Protectors, Universal Ballasts, Wadsworth and Westinghouse. Ballasts Wire - Armored, Bare Copper, Romex, SEU Aluminum, SJ Cord, Thermostat, THHN, Triplex, UF and USE Aluminum.
Wiremold Boxes and Plates, Cable Channels, Grounding Rods, Surface Raceway Accessories and Surface Raceway Fittings.
Surface Raceway Outlet Boxes, Surface Raceways, Nutone, Bath Fans, Nutone, Exhaust Fans and Nutone Heaters.
Baseboard Heaters, Kick Space Heaters, Cadet, Baseboard Heaters, Intertherm.
Eagle - Cords, Plugs, Eagle Receptacles, Eagle Switches Eagle 3-way and 4-way switches.
Progress, Ceiling Lights, Progress, Chandeliers, Progress High Hats and Trims.
RAB Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures, RAB, Garden Lights, RAB Parking Lot Lights, RAB, Lighting Accessories.
Juno Lighting, Juno Filters and Lenses, Juno Low Voltage Lighting, Juno Recessed Lighting, Juno Recessed Lighting Trims.
Juno, Track Lights, Juno Track Accessories, Mulberry Clock Receptacles, Mulberry, Tile Covers and Weatherproof, Photocells.
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A Pricing Guide to estimate the approximate cost of property improvements regarding Electrical Projects.  Basic materials are included in these costs but special purchases are not.  All costs must be confirmed by email to a staff member of Contractors Solutions Inc.
  Important Note:  The prices listed below are "industry averaged" and do not represent the prices or costs of any particular company affiliated with Contractors Solutions Inc.


The Electrical Directory for Lighting:

Auditorium Lighting - New Lighting, Lighting Services, Added Lighting, Secondary Lighting, Stage Lighting.

Bollard Lighting - Wide variety of Path and Walkway Lights with all sizes, lengths, colors, round and square.

Fuel Station Lighting Services - High Reach Fuel Station Lighting Services, Canopy lamp replacements and Damage repairs.

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