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Electric heaters come in a wide variety of types, sizes and mountings, from small supplemental heaters to large commercial units. They can be put in for home, office, shop, industrial or commercial uses.

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Best when used for supplemental heating.  
Heater body temperatures are safe for children and furniture. And a built-in temperature-sensing device automatically shuts off the heater if overheating should ever occur for any reason. Economical alternatives for commercial, industrial, home and office.
Baseboard Heaters are clean, safe and comfortable. Fast, efficient heat transfer, no blowers or drafts to pick up dirt or dust.
Built-in wall mount recessed, fan forced unit with thermostat, many sizes available. 750 to 4000 watts.
Toe-kick heater units fit under kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, can have thermostat in unit or remote. Available in 750 to 1500 watts
Floor mount drop-in with heavy gauge grill needs remote thermostat. Available in 750 to 1500 watts.
Baseboard units, built in or remote thermostat, many lengths available, 24" to 96" 500 to 2000 watts
High volume unit for "quick heat" or large area uses. Built in or remote thermostat. Available in 200, 240, 277, 400 voltages 3 kW to 50 kW
Infrared heaters "quartz tube" chain hung units, Many sizes and voltages, available 550 to 27,000 watts

Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters
are ideal for offsetting perimeter heat loss and neutralizing downdrafts over glass. Panels radiate energy to heat people and objects rather than all the air in a room. Permits full usage of floor and wall space. Unique crystalline surface, in a birch white finish, enhances radiant characteristics. Encapsulated cassette heating element assures uniform temperatures. Heaters are prewired with wires housed in a 48" length of flexible conduit and connector for J-Box mounting. Shells of units are formed steel. Only 1" in depth, units are designed to be easily installed into any 2 x 2 ft. or 2 x 4 ft. T-Bar suspended ceiling system. Combination earthquake/T-bar grip clips. Panels must be controlled using optional remote, wall-mounted thermostats. Perfect for spot heating in a variety of commercial, institutional and residential applications.

Downflow Ceiling Mounted Heaters
are designed for recessed or surface heating applications. The five-blade aluminum fan and rugged impedance-protected, totally enclosed, permanently lubricated motor have whisper quiet operation. Enclosure (excluding back box) is heavy-gauge steel, phosphatized and finished with a neutral gray baked enamel electrostatic painting process. Steel fins are copper brazed to low-watt density, steel sheathed, tubular heating elements arranged in a uniform grid pattern, covering the whole intake area and resulting in uniform heating of all discharged air. All heaters have automatic thermal cutout and reset, and built-in fan delay. They are ideal for commercial and industrial areas, like vestibules, hallways, workshops, restrooms, and entryways.
  • Single person, hands-free installation
  • Air delivery up to 14 feet
  • Adjustable directional airflow
  • Maximum control system variations

Surface mounted are designed to mount flat on the ceiling and extend only six inches into the room. Louvers are adjustable to change directional air throw. 20L x 16 1/2W x 5 3/4"D Recessed mounted have no protrusions outside the recess box, which allows the heater to recess only seven inches into ceiling space. They mount easily into standard 2 x 2 ft. ceiling grids. They can mount into permanent ceiling with trim ring. Thumb pins align and temporarily hold the enclosure cover to the heating section, freeing both hands to finish installation.

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A. - Hydronic Baseboard Heaters
B. - Heavy-Duty Slope Top Baseboard Heaters
C. - Electric Baseboard Heaters
D. - Accessories for Baseboard Heaters
E. - Electric Floor Drop-In Heaters
F. - Low Profile Kickspace Heaters
G. - Electric Pump House Heater
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 Electric Kick Space Heaters installed $375.00
A.  Hydronic Baseboard Heaters
Even after the thermostat is off, soft warmth continues to radiate because of the maximum heat retention of the Hydronic element.  The sheathed electric heating element is completely submerged in heat transfer fluid, sealed in a copper tube spanning the length of the heater.  Heat transfers evenly across the entire length of heater.   Low-profile design, just three inches deep, heaters mount flush to wall and flat on wood, tile or carpet.
--- Clean, quiet operation without the noise of a traditional hot water piping system
--- No-maintenance sealed system-nothing to fill or replace, liquid solution is permanently sealed
--- Safe, low surface temperatures; high-temperature shutoff protection
--- 8 3/8H x 3"D

B.     Heavy-Duty Slope Top Baseboard Heaters  
The sloped top prevents objects from being placed on the unit.  16-gauge steel cover has neutral gray baked-on enamel finish.  Thermal limit switch with linear type, full length, sensing bulb provides constant protection against overheating and automatically resets when normal operating temperatures are restored.  Single-phase 240/208VAC operation.  Mounts directly to the floor and carpeting can be brought up to the front of the unit.

C. Electric Baseboard Heaters
Easy to install without disassembly, these heaters are designed for quiet operation.  Constructed of precision formed, pre-painted cold-roll steel.  Aluminum finned, steel tubular heating element is suspended in heater for quiet operation.  Lead wires and multiple knockouts at each end allow for quick connection.  Ground wire pigtails and built-in cable clamp provided in each junction box.  Mounting guides across the back of each unit for ease of installation to studs without drilling.  All units are 6 3/4H x 2 7/8D (at the top) x 1 3/4"D (at the bottom).

D.   Accessories for Baseboard Heaters
Inside Corner Section
Joins separate heater units at inside corner of wall.  Color is Northern white.
Unit-Mount Thermostat
Bimetal integral type thermostat comes with junction box cover for easy installation and wiring.  Rated 22 amps @ 120-277 volts.   Temperature range 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
UL and C-UL Listed.
Wall Thermostats
Snap action, bimetal line voltage type.  22 amps @ 120/240 volts.  18 amps @ 277 volts.  Temperature range 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Color is white. No. 3UH07 only is CSA Certified.
120 Volt Duplex Receptacle
Dual 120V outlets.  Easily installs within junction box at either end of heater.

E.   Electric Floor Drop-In Heaters
Quiet, easy-to-install fan-forced heaters produce a warm air flow pattern five feet wide, four feet high.  Units mount between joists, parallel or perpendicular.  Push-on-tab wire terminals permit easy connection for desired wattage.  Rugged, metal tube, finned, sheathed elements.  Heavy-gauge steel, duo-directional grille has sandalwood baked enamel finish.  Uses: Provide a draft barrier for large window areas, sliding glass doors, entryways, hallways, open stairwells, and other problem areas.  Can also be used for supplementary heating in kitchens, bedrooms, recreation rooms, and more.  For floor mounting only.  Not for bathrooms.
--- Thermal protector prevents overheating due to obstruction of heater.
--- 14 1/16L x 7 1/4H x 6 5/8"D rough-in housing
--- 15 3/4L x 8 3/4"H grille
Note: Heaters may be controlled by built-in thermostat No. 3UG11.

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HVAC Industry Glossary of Terms
HVAC(R): Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning an R may be added to represent Refrigeration.
Split system: Refrigeration system where the refrigerant is piped from one part to another, such as residential heat pump or a/c system.
Packaged or self-contained: Refrigeration system where everything including the air moving hardware is kept in one box, such as a window air conditioner or a roof-top unit.
Forced air: heating and or cooling system that connects to the conditioned space with duct-work that uses air as the moving fluid. The heating or cooling can come from any number of sources.
Radiant: System that uses hot surfaces to radiate or convect heat into the environment. Without the use of fans or blowers
Heat Pump: Refrigeration device that can be used to move heat to or from air or water, or to or from air to water then the water is used to heat or cool air. In some parts of the world they are also known as "Reverse Cycle".
Evaporator: The part of a refrigeration system that gets cold. It is called the evaporator because it is the part of the system that evaporates the refrigerant from liquid to vapor.
Condenser: The part of a refrigeration system that gives up heat from the refrigerant and changes the refrigerant from a vapor to a liquid. Condensers can be either water cooled or air cooled.
Compressor: The heart of any refrigeration system that pumps the refrigerant.
(absorption systems that use ammonia or lithium bromide do not have compressors). Compressors can be reciprocating, rotary, scroll, disc, or screw.
Resistance Heat - direct current through heated electrical coils (such as in a toaster).
Receiver: Tank on the liquid side of a system that holds excess refrigerant in the system that needs to be there for proper operation.
Accumulator: Tank on the suction side of a system that holds excess refrigerant to prevent slugging the compressor with liquid.
Outdoor coil: The coil on a heat pump system that is located out side or in the ground loop of a ground sourced heat pump. This is so not to be confused with the condenser on an air conditioning system.
Indoor coil: The coil on a heat pump that is located inside. This is so not to be confused with the evaporator on an air conditioning system.


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