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Exit Sign Single & Double Sided Red LED Battery Back Up
LED Battery Back Up exit sign designed with durability in mind. The battery provides 3 hours of emergency backup during any power outage. Cut the cost of lighting exits by up to 96% with this energy-efficient sign  Approx. $25.00
Emergency Light and LED Exit Sign
LED Battery Back Up Combination Emergency Light / Exit Sign designed with durable high impact flame retardant thermoplastic. Unit can be used as a SINGLE or DOUBLE sign  Approx. $48.00
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the unit switches to the emergency mode and operates for 90 minutes  Approx. $88.00
Restaurant Lighting, Signs, Equipment, Neon, Flat Screen TVs.
Exit Sign - L.E.D. with battery back up (with wiring access) Each $140.00
Emergency Lighting Unit - 12 volt, wattage power for up to 5 remote heads Each $160.00
Emergency Lighting Remote Heads - powered from emergency lighting unit Each $ 90.00
Wiring and installation per location Exit Sign, Battery Pack, Remote Head
(customer supplied units with wiring access) Each Location
$ 75.00
Relocation of an emergency lighting unit or exit sign (approx.) Each $ 85.00
New wiring / Rough wiring Fixture Outlet - (rough-in only & with wiring access) MC wiring $ 45.00
Fixture Installation / replacement only - Each $ 35.00
Large System Installations  - replacement only - Each $ 35.00
Power Supply Circuits, Appliance Circuits - ( 15A & 20A ) Each $ 35.00
REQUIRED WIRING SPLICES accessible junction box (15 or 20 amp) Each $ 35.00
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SERVICES FOR - Back up power standby generator system.  Testing, trouble shooting diagnostics, start-up, documentation on repairs, parts and labor, etc. $72.00
per hour
Lithonia ELM1254 54W Emergency Lighting Fixture. Quick-Mount units snap together in less than 3 minutes with no additional fasteners. Corrosion-proof, UV-stable resin housing resists impact, scratches, and discoloration. $115.00
Lithonia ELR2 Light, Emergency, 16 W, Wall- or Ceiling-Mount Emergency Lighting Units - Unobtrusive lights have current-limiting charger to maximize battery life. $23.00
Lithonia EU2 M6 Emergency Lighting Fixture, Watts 5.4, Double Bug-Eye - Battery Back-up120/277V Injection-molded, flame-retardant, high-impact, thermoplastic housing Snap-fit design. $36.00
 Lithonia ELM654 Emergency Lighting Fixture, Watts 9, Meets UL 924 NFPA 101 NFPA 70-NEC and OSHA Illumination Standards. $154.00
Lithonia ELSQ Light, Emergency, 10 W., Wall or Ceiling-Mount Emergency Lighting Units - Unobtrusive lights have current-limiting charger to maximize battery life, minimize energy consumption. $118.00
 LITHONIA IND12100LB Emergency Lighting Fixture 12 Volt 100 Watt Industrial. $130.00
 Lithonia INDX618 ULT Emergency Lighting Fixture 18W 120/277V., Emergency Lighting Units - Hazardous Material. $520.00

Standard Emergency LightApproximate Size
Standard Emergency Light Size of Standard Emergency Light
Low Profile Emergency LightApproximate Size
Low Profile Emergency Light Low Profile Emergency Light Description
22 - watt Emergency - Remote CapableApproximate Size
22_watt Emergency Remote Capable Size of 22 watt Emergency Remote Capable
50 - watt Emergency - Remote CapableApproximate Size
50_watt Emergency Remote Capable Size-of-50_watt Emergency Remote Capable
100 - watt Emergency - Remote CapableApproximate Size
100_watt Emergency Remote Capable Size of Emergency Remote Capable

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An Electrical Problem Guide

This is a list of Power Problems that arise most often. Some of these problems you can solve yourself, or call us and we'll be happy to help you. Print this page out and post it on your electric service panel for future reference (it just might help you). THANK YOU!

  1. OUTLET CIRCUIT OUTAGE (one outlet or a group of outlets). The first step is to check for a tripped circuit breaker. If no circuit breakers appear to be tripped, sometimes a breaker trips out internally while the breaker handle stays on. Check the panel schedule first, if that is no help, run your finger down all the breakers with slight pressure (towards the off position). Sometimes the tripped breaker handle will flip to the off position, then try to reset. The permanent cure for the problem may be to eliminate an overloaded, shorted or broken circuit.
  2. PARTIAL BUILDING OUTAGE (more than just in one outlet circuit). The first step is to check for a tripped main breaker or blown main fuse. This problem is usually a job for a service electrician. These problems arise due to a recent overload or a failure in the main electric service connections IF A HISSING SOUND IS HEARD SHUT POWER DOWN.
  3. TOTAL POWER OUTAGE (no power at all). Call your utility company first. They will discover the problem for you. If the problem is your responsibility, Call Us, we'll have your power back on A.S.A.P.
  4. LIGHTS DIM Lights are usually the first sign of a low voltage occurrence. The first step is to know if some or all of the lights dim at the same time. Low voltage occurrences can be due to one of many reasons, the most common are - kitchen appliances and or air conditioners on a lighting circuit (new circuits are needed to solve this problem). A connection "going bad" in the main service equipment is something you should listen for, HISSING SOUND - SHUT IT DOWN and call for service.
  5. BURNING SMELLS Electrically related burning smells almost always smell like "burning rubber". This is because materials like plastic, rubber & tar are used in electrical equipment & lighting fixtures. The first step is to CHECK ALL PLUG-IN CORDS ! If you found your problem THE PLUG WILL BE HOT ! So remove it carefully. Fluorescent fixture ballasts are most often the problem, if not, shutting down your power should be the next step (especially if a hissing sound is heard).
  6. ELECTRIC SHOCK OR TINGLE Electric shocks are very rare, but electrical tingles are not. An electric shock can only happen when your body is a better path to ground than anything else, (you also have to be touching a "live wire" or a live medal part of equipment at the same time). Electrical tingles are problems that happen more often and can - come and go, get more or less severe, and be very unpredictable. An experienced electrician should be called for this type of problem.
  7. HUMMING OR BUZZING FIXTURES Electrical fixtures that have these sounds are not dangerous but can be very annoying. Ceiling fans can also hum if operated by a speed control. In electrical terms we call this the "60 cycle hum" simply because electrical power changes direction every 60 seconds. Transformers can not be silenced, also some fluorescent fixtures. Sometimes dimmer controls make the light bulbs hum, try changing the bulbs to a different type. Fluorescent fixture ballasts can be replaced for better results.

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