Fire restoration information. Line Item Prices for damages and insurance costs. Damage assessments for water, fire, loss, mildew, mold and cleanup, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA.
Restoration Costs for Property Damages.
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Insured Clean-up for insured to clean up affected areas at the Federal Minimum Wage.
Fire Loss Clean-up labor, general clean-up after a fire loss. Remove debris, general mopping, prior to repair work SF $0.78
After-Hours Emergency Board-up 1 carpenter, laborer, O T rate, single standard door or window opening EA $396.24
Board-up Standard Opening 1 carpenter, laborer rate, single standard door or window opening, 1 sheet of CD grade plywood EA $144.93
Board-up Double Opening 1 carpenter, laborer rate, single, double-sized opening, 2 sheets of CD grade plywood EA $212.37
Board-up Triple Opening 1 carpenter, laborer rate, single, triple-sized opening. Includes 3 sheets of CD grade plywood EA $279.75
Cover Opening with Tarp 1 carpenter, laborer rate, measure, cover and temporarily secure tarp over damaged area SF $0.86
Water Loss Clean Up general clean-up after a water loss, remove debris, general mopping, prior to repair work SF $0.89
After Hours or Weekend Emergency Service call Water Loss initial charge for coordinating, equipment and persona EA $234.45
Grey Water or Sewage Emergency Service call Water Loss initial charge for coordinating, equipment and persona EA $304.79
Emergency Service, call Water Loss initial charge for coordinating, equipment and personal EA $140.67
Clean non grey Water Extraction labor and equipment to extract water on a floor square foot basis once at site SF $0.64
Clean Grey (Non-Solids) Water Extraction labor and equipment to extract grey water on a floor square foot basis once at site SF $1.58
Clean Sewage or Solid Water Extraction labor and equipment to extract grey water on a floor square foot basis once at site SF $1.99
Apply Topographical Mildew solution labor, material, equipment for application of solution on floor, walls or ceiling surfaces SF $0.35
Apply Injection Type Mildew solution Treatment labor, material, equipment on floor surfaces, walls or ceiling, each location EA $6.13
Clean Contaminated Carpet - Water Loss labor, equipment, materials to clean carpet soiled with contaminated water SF $1.21
Clean Stairway Carpet - Water Loss labor, equipment, materials to clean carpet soiled with contaminated water per tread EA $4.51
Disinfect or Deodorize Carpet - Water Loss to disinfect, deodorize and apply protectorate SF $0.29
Disinfect For Sewage Treat Carpet - Water Loss to disinfect, deodorize and apply protectorate SF $0.65
Remove Wet Pad - Water Loss labor to remove carpet pad and haul debris to a truck or dumpster SF $0.08
Reinstall Carpet - Water Loss to reinstall dried carpet, includes stretching SY $8.74
Thermal Fog Area to thermal fog room for odor control SF $0.59
Wet Fog / ULV Area to fog or use ionizer to control odor SF $0.35
Steam Clean Fixtures use of equipment to clean fixtures using hot steam EA $51.04
Pressure Wash Sewage to pressure wash floor area after initial clean up of heavy debris SF $3.55
Air mover for Water Loss for single unit on a daily basis Day $25.00
Dehumidifier for Water Loss for medium size dehumidifier with capacity for 7.5 gal to 14 gal Day $45.00
Small Size Air Purifier for Water Loss for day's rental of standard size Air Purifier with filter Day $61.00
Medium Size Air Purifier for Water Loss for day's rental of Medium size Air Purifier with filter Day $90.00
Large Size Air Purifier for Water Loss for day's rental of Large size Air Purifier with filter Day $125.00
Additional HEPA Filter for Air Purifier for Water Loss Day $61.00
Monitor Drying Equipment one general laborer, base wage; taxable fringe benefits; insurance & employer taxes Hour $46.89
Testing of Samples Taken by Hygienist for testing of one sample EA $38.00
Mold Cleanup Skilled Laborer Hour $28.50
Mold Cleanup Technician Hour $48.50
Mold Project Manager Hour $68.50
Glossary - Info for this topic:    
ABC fire extinguisher: Fire extinguisher capable of extinguishing type A, B and C fires.
Acid Smoke: Fire residues that have high levels of acidity.
Acceptance: A notice of a claim given by FMG of our willingness to accept a claim made by a client; Policy - notice given by FMG of our willingness to give cover.
Accessory: Supplementary part or object used in connection with a vehicle.
Act of God: That which happens due to an act of nature and without human intervention, such as an earthquake, and which "no human foresight can provide against and of which human prudence is not bound to recognize the possibility", in the locality concerned. Thus any natural phenomenon which might be expected to occur in a locality, no matter how infrequent, is an Act of God; e.g. heavy rain.
Arson: The willful setting fire to any property, whether the person setting such fire has an interest in it or not.
Assessment: The process of assessing a risk.
Assessor: An independent or in-house professional who assesses what damage to property or loss has occurred after a claim is made.
Bailee: A person to whom goods are temporarily passed to in trust for safekeeping.
Bailor: A person who gives goods to another to hold in trust.
Broker: An intermediary, appointed by the insured, who gives advice on insurance matters, arranges insurance's and places them with insurance companies or underwriters. A Broker is paid by brokerage (commission) from the insurer.
Cancellation: A policy being "terminated" either at renewal (or expiry) or mid term either by the insured or the Group.
Catastrophe Risk: A risk in which the potential loss is of exceptional magnitude e.g. nuclear power station, causing many claims.
Claim: A demand by the insured or his or her representative under his or her policy.
Claim Costs: All costs involved in the settlement of a claim. Replacement cost, assessor's costs, handling costs, etc.
Commencement Date: The date from which insurance protection provided by a policy will commence.
Contained Fire: A contained fire is controlled before heavy smoke spreads throughout the house. Relocation is not necessary.
Contract of Insurance: An agreement whereby one person (insurer) agrees for a specified consideration (premium) to indemnify another person (insured) against random events, up to an agreed amount against loss or damage subject to certain rules (conditions of the policy).
Depreciation: The amount deducted from replacement cost when settling a claim or when arranging an indemnity sum insured. Usually based on age and wear.
Endorsement: An amendment to be fixed to an insurance policy and thereafter becomes an integral part of the policy. Any alterations, for example, an increase or reduction in the sum insured, removal of the property to a different location or transfer of a new owner must be noted in the policy. This is done by an amendment typed on or attached to the policy.
Estimated Value: The calculated value of replacing an insured asset after it has been destroyed or damaged.
Ex Gratia Payments: Payments made by the insurer when there is no liability to make a payment according to the strict letter of the policy.
Exception: A peril or contingency specifically excluded from the terms of the policy.
Excess: The first portion of a loss, being an agreed or fixed sum, which the insured (sometimes in consideration of a reduction in premium) agrees to bear. Voluntary - An excess chosen by the insured in exchange for a discount in premium. Imposed - An excess applied by the Group as a result of either higher than usual risk or an adverse claims experience (or past losses with a previous insurer).
Expiry date: The date on which the insurance cover under the particular policy will terminate.
Fire Service Levy: A charge for property against the risk of fire. The money is collected by all insurance companies and remitted to the Fire Services Commission. It goes toward the maintenance of an adequate fire service.
Full Replacement Cost: Replacement of a building without any $ limitation. Based upon a like for like structure (size and quality) built to today's building code.
Indemnity: Security against financial loss. A policy of indemnity is designed to place the insured in the same financial position as he or she was immediately before the happening of the event insured against.
Insurable Interest: A legal or equitable interest in property where the insured must stand to lose financially on the happening of some insured event.
Insurance: A means whereby the random financial losses of the few are distributed over the many.
Insured: A person with an insurable interest who stands to benefit from a policy of insurance.
Insurer: An individual or company granting policies of insurance.
Interest Insured: The property, or liability attaching to the insured as a result of ownership, we are insuring. (Technically speaking we insure our Insured's interest in the property and not the property or liability itself).
Joint Insurance: Insurance of property that is owned by one or more persons. All parties insured under such a policy are obligated to not breach any requirements of the contract.
Knock for Knock: Insurers who are signatories to the Knock for Knock Agreement pay for damage to their own policy holder's vehicle, regardless of who is to blame, providing the policy covers the damage involved. All subject to the Agreement terms and conditions.
Lessee: The party using the property.
Lessor: The owner of the property.
Loss: The financial loss caused to the insured by the happening of an event.
Membership Description: A description used to identify the quality of a FMIA member in terms of Section 3 of the Mutual Insurance Act.
Natural Disaster Levy: A charge for every $100 of the fire sum insured up to the respective "caps" is made on every residential property policy (including contents), which includes cover against the risk of fire. This money is collected by all insurance companies and handed over to the Earthquake Commission who maintains a fund to meet claims arising from natural disasters such as earthquake.
No Claim Bonus: The amount which your insurance premium is reduced if you don't make a claim under your policy for one or more consecutive years.
Nominated Replacement Value (NRV): Normally in respect of a building where a lesser structure might be erected in the event of its destruction. The insured may be given an option to select a nominated sum based upon an agreed smaller building.
Other interests: Term used when talking about financial encumbrances over property. Could be mortgagee, debenture, hire purchase, charge holder.
Pak: Insurance policies grouped together as a package. This means that the insurance needs of each type of client can be met through their Pak. Each Pak is made up of a proposal and associated documents, policy wordings, a client declaration and a schedule of items insured.
Peril: A contingency or fortuitous happening which may give rise to a loss, which can be covered or excluded by a policy of insurance.
Policy: The contract form that is issued by the insurance company to the insured. It sets out details of the insurance, and the premium, the period during which the policy is in force and other conditions of the contract.
Premium: The monetary consideration paid by the insured to the insurers for the insurance granted by the policy.
Proposal Form: This is the form the policy holder completes when applying for insurance. It is the basis of the contract and contains a set of printed questions designed to obtain full information of the property to be insured, of any previous losses and the insurance experience of the proposer. This information is used to assess the risk involved and calculate an appropriate premium to be charged, also providing information for administration.
Proposer: A person or company who wishes to take out insurance.
Proximate Cause: Before a claimant can be paid by the insurers for a loss that has been sustained, it is necessary to determine it's cause. An insured can successfully claim only if the loss or damage is directly (that is proximately) caused by an insured peril. It is not sufficient that the loss or damage is caused remotely by some factor in a chain of events which were originally started by an insured peril.
Reinstatement: This has alternative meanings. Following a loss either the repair or replacement of damaged property to a condition equal to a condition equal but no better than it's original condition, or the restoration of the sum insured to the original figure.
Renewal: The offer we make to the insured in respect of terms of the insurance contract(s) for the next insurance period.
Replacement Value: The reasonable cost to rebuild, replace or repair your item to the same condition it was in when new or the amount shown on the certificate.
Risk Management: The identification, measurement, and treatment of property, liability, and personal pure risk exposures.
Salvage: Property which is saved from a misfortune, or proceeds left following a total loss.
Severe Fire: A severe fire may require temporary relocation due to an excessive amount of smoke damage, structural damage, or a combination.
Statement: (Premium Debtors Statement) The record of all general insurance premiums charged to (or credited to) the clients account.
Subrogation: When an insurer meets a loss under a policy of indemnity where a third party is responsible for the loss, the Insured's right of recovery against the third party transfers to the insurer.
Sum Insured: The amount of cover stated on an insured's policy and upon which premium is charged. The maximum amount of compensation paid on a claim.
Survey: The assessment, by a trained insurance office, of the risk involved in a client's request for property cover.
Third Party: A third party is any person other than you and the insurance company, involved in your claim. First Party - You (the insured) Second Party - Insurance Company Third Party - Other person(s) involved
Third Party Insurance: Insurance that covers an insured driver of a vehicle purely against the cost of damaging another persons vehicle or property, which the insured is legally liable for (subject to exclusions).
Uberrimae Fidei (Utmost Good Faith): The legal duty imposed on both parties to an insurance contract. It implies full disclosure of all facts material to the contract during negotiations for the contract. This duty, in effect, may be maintained throughout the existence of the contract by virtue of policy conditions.
Underwriter: An insurance company or insuring syndicate. The term is also used to describe an official of an insurance company who has the power to accept risks. Fire Restoration Services, Center City Philadelphia and China Town - We're Your Action Informationeers Network of Contractors. . Swarthmore PA, Low Cost ... High Care Working Trades, Your Neighborhood, I'm there ASAP - Fire Restoration Services, 19081.

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