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All buildings have weight or apply a force to the ground when they are placed on it.
The job of the foundation is to ensure that the building does not sink into the ground, and to give the building or structure a stable platform to sit on.
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Pile Foundations: A pile is a column that transfers the load of the building to the soil. A beam is placed under each load-bearing wall and the ends of the beam are then supported on piles. Piles can be made from steel, pressure-treated wood or concrete. Such foundations are useful for either very "heavy" buildings, or in regions where the top soil is unstable, prone to erosion etc. The pile is dug into the earth until a stable soil layer or rock formation is reached. Another application is in places where spread footings are impossible to construct due to topography (like very steep sloping sites). In such situations, piles are the only solution.

Continuous or Spread Footings: As the name suggests, these foundations are constructed along the entire length of the wall. The width of the footing is more than that of the wall. Hence, the load of the structure is "spread" over a large area. Spread footings are made of concrete. They are placed below the frost line (where applicable). Reinforcement steel is used to give strength to concrete in tension. A variation to the spread footing is the Step Footing. This is made by creating a stepped pyramid of brick layers over a large concrete pad. Step footings are common in many parts of the world.

Foundation Walls: Generally seen in accessible basements, foundation walls transfer the load of the building to the foundation. Such walls are usually made of poured concrete, but more commonly, of hollow concrete blocks. Sometimes brick and stone is also used. The concrete walls are reinforced with steel against the tensile stresses generated due to the top loading (of the structure above) and the push of the surrounding earth. When steel is used in hollow concrete blocks, concrete must be poured to hold the steel in place.
Exterior foundation waterproofing coatings. environmentally friendly waterproofing products for the exterior and interior foundation that are easy to apply and save the contractor or homeowner time and money.  Whether you are building or renovating. Cost effective products that cure to form a flexible rubber membrane that will provide long lasting protection. These products don’t require priming, heating, special equipment or certified applicators, and because they are non toxic and non flammable, they are considered “green” which means they are safe for both the applicator and the environment. Coating is a pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use rigid foam foundation insulation and ICF coating. is easy to apply with a brush and is highly flexible with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling or flaking. Coats a variety of surfaces.

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To prevent this sinking, the soil is required to provide an upward pressure equivalent to the downward pressure from the building. The foundation will spread the load over the soil. As simple as it seems, the pressures must be equal or less or the building will sink.

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