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During the winter months when your heating system is in full effect, does your skin get dry, flaky or itchy?
Do you or a family member develop a dry, raspy cough? Chances are the air in your home is too dry during heating season.
The solution is to add a humidifier to your HVAC system or individual rooms.
Adding a Humidifier, Yes, we can help you with that.
 Humidifiers add much needed moisture to our indoor environment. A Whole House Humidifier works with your homes heating system, typically a gas forced air furnace. When the furnace is running, moisture from the humidifier is being added and shot through the duct system and finally delivered through the vents in your home.
Humidification Systems, humidification  for arid and dry air conditions.  A central system humidifier offers a natural level of humidity though out the property.  Ask us about; an automatic humidifier, during Winter, heating, forced air system, forced-air furnace, heat exchanger, electric heaters, oil heat, gas heat, propane heaters, supplemental heating, blower motor, air filter and a humid Green House.
Aprilaire Humidifier Pluses Comfort: Aprilaire eliminates dry nose and throat, itchy skin, and reduces static electricity. Healthier: Inquire with your doctor ~ When humidity is at the proper level, upper respiratory problems caused by dry air seem to disappear. Preservation: Help protect your home and furnishings from damaging dryness and shrinkage with Aprilaire products. Saving of Energy: Help reduce heating costs because you will feel warmer at lower temperatures with Aprilaire. Conservation of Water: Aprilaire's largest units during the heating season, use less than $15 of water.

Humidification Systems. Humidifiers add much needed moisture to our indoor environment. Especially in our climate Humidifiers are a must. Ever experience a shock when you touch something? That shock is telling you that there is not enough moisture in the air. Shocks are sometimes devastating to electrical equipment and hi-tech equipment. Does your hard wood floor tend to separate in the winter months? This is also due to lack of moisture in your home. Adding moisture to your environment by way of a Whole House Humidifier will eliminate shocks, separated hard wood floors, it will add moisture to your skin and help your house plants thrive. It will also make your body believe it is really warmer that it is, thus allowing you to set the thermostat down a degree or two, and saving money on energy bills. A Whole House Humidifier works with your homes heating system, typically a gas forced air furnace. When the furnace is running, moisture from the humidifier is being added and shot through the duct system and finally delivered through the vents in your home.
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A porous cylindrical wheel coated with desiccant rotates slowly inside the housing. This transfers thermal energy from the fuel cell exhaust to the fresh reactant stream. Typically, the unit recovers 75-85% of exhaust enthalpy. An excellent humidifier, it also serves as the exhaust condenser and the supply blower after cooler. Advantages over membrane humidifiers: Higher efficiency in a smaller package. Core rotation speed allows fine control of humidification level. Lower pressure loss saves blower energy. Long life because there are no membranes to dry out and crack. Higher allowable inlet temperature eliminates the need for an after cooler in high pressure applications. The heat of compression is recovered for use in the turbocharger in high pressure applications. The drive motor typically draws less than 30 watts. The cartridge concept simplifies initial production and future maintenance.

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The payback period depends on the price of the system, local energy costs, climate, and the difference in efficiency between the old and new furnaces. High Efficient Furnaces - Condensing and Multi-Stage If the efficiency (AFUE) of a furnace is above 90%, then it is of "condensing" type: one that recaptures most of the water vapor and gases wasted in traditional systems, condensing them and producing extra-heat. Multi-stage furnaces (also called modulating furnaces) are the most efficient of condensing furnaces: they reduce temperature fluctuations and are particularly efficient (usually with an AFUE of 94% or more). Furnaces and Boilers - Most properties are heated with either furnaces or boilers. Furnaces heat air and distribute the heated air using ducts; boilers heat water, providing either hot water or steam for heating. Steam is distributed via pipes to steam radiators, and hot water can be distributed via baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems, or can heat air via a coil. Steam boilers operate at a higher temperature than hot water boilers, and are inherently less efficient, but high-efficiency versions of all types of furnaces and boilers are currently available.
Tubeless Vertical - Hot Water Boilers provide for exceptionally high efficiencies, lower fuel costs, and extremely rugged construction. Compact space saving vertical design four-pass design shock proof, no tubes to loosen or burn out. Convenient access to "eye high" burner solid state controls for trouble free operation factory assembled, fully automatic UL and ASME CSD-1. Simple and inexpensive to install.

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The fact is,
humid air feels warmer,
thus using less energy for fuel.


Humidification Systems - Ask us about; an automatic humidifier for Winter's dry air problems, Lower energy costs from Humid Heating. Forced air ductwork system improvements and upgrades for forced-air furnaces, supplemental heaters, and creating humidity for Green House.

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