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Lightning protection is designed for two objectives: it must provide a direct path for the lightning bolt to follow to ground, and it must prevent destruction or damage, injury or death, as it travels that path.
Our products offering includes shield grounding kits, copper cleaning kits, clamps, copper straps and more.  
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We provide a wide range of services in this field:  general electrical, site and system design compliance, electrical testing, product safety, electrical safety, lightning and surge protection, electromagnetic safety, and expert property evaluation. Put this wide experience to work for you. Our experience covers a diverse customer base in various industry sectors encompassing facilities of all sizes as well as residences.

Air Terminals, Mounting Equipment and Cables - Available in Copper and Aluminum.
Aluminum vs. Copper Lightning Systems:
-Aluminum is 25% cheaper than copper. Copper looks better with a darker color and shorter points.
-Copper will last longer, up to 100 years. Old style, high point antique rods are also available.
Surge suppressors should be installed with minimum lead lengths to their respective panels. Under fast rise time conditions, cable inductance becomes important and high transient voltages can be developed across long leads.
In all instances, use high quality, high speed, self-diagnosing protective components. Transient limiting devices may use a combination of arc gap diverters-metal oxide varistor-silicon avalanche diode technologies. Hybrid devices, using a combination of these technologies, are preferred. Know your clamping voltage requirements.
Downconductors should be installed in a safe manner through a known route, outside of the structure. They should not be painted, since this will increase impedance. Gradual bends (min. eight inch radius) should be adopted to avoid flashover problems. Building steel may be used in place of downconductors where practical as a beneficial part of the earth electrode subsystem. Air terminal design may alter Streamer behavior. In equivalent e-fields, a blunt pointed rod is seen to behave differently than a sharp pointed rod.
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Lightning Protection Technology requires a combination of RF lightning protection devices. Our designs are engineered for low voltage let through and superior RF performance. A lightning protection system is a system designed to protect a structure from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting such strikes and safely passing their extremely high voltage currents to "ground". Most lightning protection systems include a network of lightning rods, metal conductors, and ground electrodes designed to provide a low resistance path to ground for potential strikes. Faraday Cage and overhead shield designs produce yet other effects. Air terminal design and performance is a controversial and unresolved issue. Commercial claims of the "elimination" of lightning deserve a skeptical reception. Further research and testing is on-going in order to understand more fully the behavior of various air terminals.
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Surge arresters are devices that limit over voltages and/or divert surge currents or both. The IEEE Standard generic term is surge protective devices (SPD. Other common terms used for the SPD are: Lightning Arrester, Surge Suppressor, AC Power Arrester Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS), Secondary Surge Arrester, Secondary MOV Surge Arrester, Secondary Metal-oxide Surge Arrester Surge Filter, Protector. Lightning Protection Corporation (LPC) manufactures AC Power Arresters for: All worldwide voltages below 600Vrms 50, 60, 400 hertz operation, Single and three phase, Connections in parallel with power line No conduction of load current installed on unlimited KVA source.
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Each year thousands of properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. Lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to buildings in the United States. What is not reported is the loss of business, downtime and liability that occurs when businesses or commercial tenants are forced to shut down to repair lightning damage. Insurers now require higher levels of safety for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, institutions, historic landmarks, sports arenas and other public venues, including the installation of lightning protection systems.
National Lightning Protection's seasoned staff of field inspectors can assist you with your lightning protection, surge protection, and ground system inspection requirements. NLP offers written reports on lightning protection system standard compliance, soil resistance testing, and ground system resistance testing.

Installation - National Lightning Protection is a UL listed installer of Franklin rod lightning protection systems. NLP also installs Prevention 4 lightning protection systems, Catenary lightning protection systems, signal reference grids (SRG), and facility ground systems. Please contact us about your installation requirements.
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