Lighting for Parking Lots. LED Security Lighting for Business, Office and Industrial Facility.
Parking Area Security Lighting, Public Walkway Security Illumination for a better working Surveillance System. Safety and Quick Service by Contractors Solutions Inc. Contact us for pole damage repair, exterior area lighting, flood fixtures, landscape and flood lighting around Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA.
Parking Lot Lighting for House of Worship, Philadelphia.
Information on LED Lighting and High Reach Retro-fit Conversions.
  Parking Area Security Lighting, Safety Systems & Services by Contractors Solutions Inc.
Security lighting poles, security area lighting, security cameras.
We install electrical systems for everything at your facility.
Gates, bollards, guards, poles, signs, parking lot lighting poles, flood lighting,
surveillance systems, check point ticket stations and intercoms.
Equipment and Repair Services for Security Systems.
High Reach Bucket Services for any Commercial Facility Parking Lot around Philly.
  Parking Area - Light Pole Fixture Service.
  Routine Maintenance, Re-Lamp, Re-Ballast.
  Pole Damage Repair and/or Replace. New Installations and/or Changes needed.
  Underground Power, wiring, systems interconnecting, remote communication and recording.
  New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting.

Secure Parking Access for Your Facility.
Commercial Property Safety Alternatives.
High Reach Bucket Service.
Traffic Signals, Lift Gates and
Gate House Controls.

Controls with 12V DC Flashers Pedestrian Signal Controls Remote Control Kit LED Modules. Alternating Flashers, Traffic Lights, Safety Lights, LED Traffic Lights, DC LED Traffic Signals.
We handle all types of public area signal systems.

Electric Security Gate, Safety Signage and Caution Signals.
Made of rugged, lightweight polycarbonate, designed for years of reliable, continuous outdoor service. Including decorative/ educational use in private homes, schools, restaurants, bars, casinos, safety schools, loading docks, game rooms, auto shops, truck stops, auto dealers, water parks and museums. They are also suitable for commercial / industrial applications, including factories and call centers Safety and Operational Status Lights. Dimensions are: 11in wide x 30 inches tall by approx. 5.5 inches deep. The cap style (cutaway) visors extend another 7 inches from the face and are easily removable. They will use standard, screw-in, medium base 120V bulb with 17,000 hour traffic signal bulbs in both 40W and 60W sizes which will average more than 2 years continuous service. If you like you can wire them to your own switches or use our automatic.

Electrical Repair - "YES, We can Fix it" If your sign is broke, we can fix it.
Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.

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Equipment and Services for Commercial Facility Parking Lots: traffic signal, caution light, automatic gate, gate house shelter, communications, openers, controls, cameras, lighting, pole lighting service Delaware County, Philly, Philadelphia, PA.

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