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A Patio Block project has three stages.

1.  Ground Preparation:  shoveling out the top layer of grass and loading it on a dump truck, re-leveling the soil and compacting the soil base.
2.  Stone Bed Foundation:  receiving a truck load of crushed stone with modified aggregate, spreading it evenly and compacting the stone base by machine.
3.  Patio Blocks Set:  Border Supports installed, Foundation Fabric installed, Patio Blocks installed as per factory specs.

We can also help the "do-it-yourselfer".    We could provide any the portion of the job.  The Patio Blocks can be installed in stages.   You could plan and change patterns as you go (and when you can afford it).  A project could remain as “stones only” with stages 1. and 2.  (mentioned above).   The amount of time will depend on a variety of conditions.

Patio Blocks is the best choice for any outdoor living area.  With the proper foundation, it will last longer, stay cleaner and rain water seeps through it.  This is the reason for its popularity in recent years.
Sample Dimensions:   20FT. X  20FT. Approximate Square Footage  400 Sq. Ft.  $5,500.00

Our promise is to give you “more for the money”. 
Quick Notes:

Driveway Seal-Coating - Light Coat $0.42 per square foot.
Driveway Seal-Coating - Heavy Coat $0.80 per square foot, $220.00 minimum
Approximating the size - 115 square feet per average sized car.

We can expand or add to what you already have.
Paving prices and information is available online. Just send us your details. We give estimates by email.


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