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Most people grew up in homes that were heated with hot air, and as we all know, hot air rises. Radiant heat does not rise like hot air; it will heat anything in its path, up, down or sideways traveling in a straight line until it strikes an object. Unlike hot air, radiant heat is not affected by gravity. Radiant heat provides heating comfort in much the same manner as the sun. As objects in the room become warm, the surrounding air picks up heat by conduction and the entire room becomes warm, just like the sun warms the earth.
You may wonder just how radiant heating works to provide superior comfort. Radiant heat first warms the floor where people are the majority of the time. Radiant heat warms all objects in its path, such as walls, floors and furniture. These objects absorb heat and provide a "heat reserve" which helps keep the room warm. Radiant heating generates even temperatures, thus ending hot-cold temperature fluctuations and cold floors and beds. With equipment having low-mass aluminum front cover quickly begins producing radiant comfort at a moment's notice. Occupants feel warmer immediately and no longer have to wait for the entire room to become warm.

The units are placed high on the wall close to the ceiling so they are out of the way - freeing up floor space.  This also eliminates the threat of accidental burns to children. Radiant operates at such a temperature that it doesn't require an overheat switch. Floor space is saved because the units can be installed over doorways and on all interior walls. Heating units are mounted near the ceiling so the radiant panels direct heat downward across the room, without being blocked by furniture and other objects. They are thin and attractive and with five popular colors to choose from, they blend with almost any décor.

A well designed radiant system with a 96% efficient condensing boiler, stainless steel indirect water heater, Pex tubing, brass manifolds, thermostats and all necessary equipment to install it will normally cost less than $3.00 per Sq. Ft., less than $2.00 for a slab on grade. The larger the home the less the cost of equipment per Sq. Ft. A 5,000 Sq. Ft home will cost less than $2.00 per Sq. Ft. even using the very best equipment. A small addition between 400 to 800 Sq. Ft. normally costs about $400.00 to $800.00 and can use your present water heater. Water heaters start at less than $600.00 for an 87% efficient wall hung modulating combination heater. It is not unusual to save the home owner over $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 over a locally designed and installed radiant system.

We offer free support for every property service, for every neighborhood all around the Philadelphia area - commercial, industrial, institutional and residential. Radiant heating is an extremely ingenious means of distributing heat. This concept of heating was developed several hundred years ago buy the Romans. These people would build a so-called basement and foundation with pillars that would support large squares of stone, which made up the floor. A vent would be built on one end of the basement. To heat the structure, a fire would be started in the opposite end of the basement from the vent. The heat and smoke from the fire would rise to heat the stone floor and then be expelled through the vent. The heated stone floor would then transfer radiant heat to all of the rooms' occupants to create an extremely comfortable environment.

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