Repair-All Services for Delaware County.
Able Shop Works, Havertown, PA.  Reconditioning, Repairs, Recycling, Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing.
Delaware County's "fix it Services."

"Repair - All" Services.
Large and small mending, because it saves money.

Pick up and delivery services for your repair work.
Repairs, reconditioning and rebuilding by
Contractors Solutions Inc, Havertown PA.
Bring it to the Contractors Solutions WorkShop.
Refinishes, Restorations, Moving parts made. Repairs made for items that can't be replaced.
Valued Items Recycled, New Parts, New Finishes and New Ideas for improvements.
It's because we make parts.
We can refinish it. Repair It, Recondition It, Create It, Vandal Proof It, Safety Proof It, Invent It, Convert It, Improve It, Rebuild It, You Name It! Pick Up and Delivery

Specialized made shop work. Customized parts made.
Unusual items made like new. for: reconditioning, refinishing, parts, electrical parts, hard to find parts, retro-fitting parts, lighting parts, light fixtures, furniture, refurbishing, antiques, repainting, custom made items, moving parts reconditioned, motor parts, matching parts. Repairs, rewiring, rebuilding, welding, special plastics and brackets.
Custom made fabrications and fabricators for specific needs - Call us about it:
 Repair It, Recondition It,
 Create It, Vandal Proof It,
 Safety Proof It,  Invent It,
 Convert It, Improve It,
 Rebuild It, You Name It!

Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Plastics and rubber. Machine Lathe, Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Turret Punching, Rapid Prototyping, Plastic Injection Molding Bending, Pressure Die Casting, Grinding and Milling, Custom made equipment parts.
Repair - All Services for Everything:  Tools, Equipment, Materials, Parts and Special Items.
The Fix it Shop for just about anything. Special made, custom made parts for that unusual situation.
  We can Make It, Call Us About It! 610-789-0354.
The Low Cost Fix-it Work Shop Havertown, PA
equipment made like new, or made better than new.
Parts for: Cars, Bikes, Aircraft, Musical instruments, Watercraft, Optical devices, Sensors, Models, Electronic devices, Enclosures, Clocks, Machinery, Engines, Furniture, Jewelry, Jigs, Telecom, Lighting, Medical devices, Photographic devices, Robots, Sculptures, Sound equipment, Sporting equipment, Tooling, Toys.
Shop Work in; plastic, wood, metal, glass, plexi-glass, steel, copper, aluminum, Etc. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing, Etc. Items Small or Large. Items Removed and Reinstalled. Items for Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Construction, Masonry, Roofing, Etc.
Able to repair and mend it. Able parts and blacksmith services, ironsmith, equipment repairs, recondition, welding, replacement parts, spray painting, refurbish, electrical, make parts, electrical appliances, lathe, custom made, home repairs, fabrication, household items, appliances, handyman, rebuilding, Welding, iron work, iron, ornamental iron, welding service, fabricating, metal, melting point, joining metallic parts, forging, brazing, soldering, welding equipment, thermoplastics. Delaware County, Delco, South Philly, forge, South, Philadelphia, PA. mending - the act of putting something in working order again fixing, repair, mend, fix, reparation, fixture improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property" darning - the act of mending a hole in a garment with crossing threads patching - the act of mending a hole in a garment by sewing a patch over it maintenance, upkeep, care - activity involved in maintaining something in good working order; "he wrote the manual on car care" quick fix, quickie, quickly, band aid - hurried repair restoration - the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state reconstruction - the activity of constructing something again restitution - the act of restoring something to its original state. Custom made parts and recycled parts for all areas surrounding: Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA. Call the Reconditioning Workshop for everything electrical: panel covers, trough covers, switch gear covers, transformer covers, motors, parts, lighting fixture parts and covers, buss duct parts, distribution panel steel, copper, aluminum, power disconnection parts, safety parts, electrical, electrical cabinet parts, welding, enclosures, controls, relays, raceway, brackets, motors, custom made operating systems. Lighting parts, industrial machine parts and circuit breaker parts.

Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing and Customizing of all types.
Items Small or Large. Custom sheet metal fabrication.  Pick-Up and Delivery.
Special Electrics and Special Lighting added to any project.
Specialized Ventilation Systems and Specialized Equipment for Industrial uses. Good Workmanship at Low Cost.
Large and Small Mechanical Repair Services by Able Group Inc., Havertown, PA.
Damage Mending - Low-Cost Fix the Damage Experts and other Work-Shop Services.
Small and Large Mending due to accidental damages.
Electrical Equipment Repairwork. Every type of Electrical Equipment, Such as:
Electrical Panel Boxes, Electric Heaters, Electric Metering Equipment.
Mechanical-Electrical Equipment Repairs. For your;
Home, Business, Office, Industry, Institution, Retail Store or Public Facility - Large and Small - Equipment Reconditioning.
Reconditioning Services We have an old fashioned repair shop, it's the GREEN way of saving money - RECYCLE IT!
Workshop Repair Services.
Welding Design and Fabrication