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Retaining Walls, Paver Stone Walls, Landscape Walls, Raised Hardscape Blockwork, Masonry Garden Walls.
All the Services and All the Designs.

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Excavation,  Re-grade,  Paver Retaining Walls.
Natural Stone Walkways.
NatureScapes,  Outdoor Kitchens & Make-overs.
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Retaining Walls
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Garden Walls, Driveway Walls,
Patio Walls, Decks and Gazebos.

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Great Rates, Great Work, Great Service. Services include: Custom Wood Fences, all types and styles Pergolas, Arbors and Trellis. Raised Planter Beds. Decks, Stairs and Landings Patios, Walkways. Flagstone, hard set and soft set Brick flatwork. Pavers / Paver Stones, EP Henry and other manufacturers Drystack stone walls Garden Walls and Retaining Walls. Concrete flatwork. Sidewalk Repair and Replace Skilled stonework artisan. Exterior Carpentry, porches, railings, gates Landscape Design Ideas. Paver Block Experts, Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Walls, Gardens and Landscape. Masonry, brickwork, concrete and the patio bricks.
Contractors Solutions Inc. Stonemasonry offers an array of services to meet your specific needs. Landscaping, including planters, steps, paths, patios, ponds and waterfalls. Contractors Solutions also builds barbeques, outdoor showers, entrance columns, interior stone floors, pool and hot tub surrounds, fireplaces and chimneys. Bigger projects have included stone facades on houses, stone cottages and wine cellars.
  The Efficient Constructors we call ourselves "the Earth Men" for every exterior job.
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We're ready to get the job done right, and, We're ready to answer your questions. Clearing, construction equipment access. Footings, concrete and the costs for a new addition. Excavating, site location, surveying and job layout. Transit, Soil and excavation removal, re-grading, and building construction. Just Contact Us!
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