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A consistent safety program is essential to the success of your personnel and facility. Our team of safety specialists will help you prioritize safety initiatives to keep your property in the clear. Not only will we identify problem areas, but we will assist you in developing a solution that fits your needs and budget.
A safety audit is the tool that improves safety awareness in the workplace. A safety audit is an inventory or checklist of items specifically geared to your operations. It allows you to take action, correct hazards, and determine the appropriate actions to take to achieve the desired safety goals. Measuring your safety performance also provides a baseline to compare future safety initiatives against.


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Renovation Contractors for every type of facility, services, Philadelphia, electrical contractor, emergency service, commercial, facility rescue, store fronts, painters, commercial property, improvements, licensed, tenant fit-up, industrial facility, telephone systems, construction, (888) 729 - 8946 FACILITY SAFETY As one of premiere risk consulting businesses we deliver wide array of services for buildings and facilities for such projects ranging from small to multimillion dollar projects. Over the past 13 years, we have provided theses services for many of our clients throughout the industries, including fortune 500 corporations, more than 100 of different government institutions. Many businesses rely on insurance companies as the primary and sometimes only form of risk management posed by a wide variety of potential loses some nature caused and others manmade. Prudent action calls for alternative methods of risk management, such as facility improvement programs that are specifically designed to protect life safety and to mitigate the greatest sources of loss. We work closely with each client to evaluate all reasonable alternatives prior to selecting a final solution. Our objective is to find the most cost-effective solution, with minimal impact to ongoing operations. Businesses and organizations often face conflicting demands, as output or services must be continuous, yet safety and environmental standards cannot be compromised. Risk and Reliability for Facilities - Consulting Services We provide a Corporate-wide approach to delivering rational solutions for all safety and risk challenges. Easy Safety Solutions consultants are acknowledged in the field of safety analysis, risk assessment, and safety training. Our reputation is built on our proven expertise, unmatched quality of our work, the accuracy of our work, and our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We have an extensive work history with a variety of facilities and have provided an assortment of consulting and training services. Property Loss Control Easy Safety Solutions offers traditional property loss control services to corporate multinational and global clients to assist in identifying and managing risk posed by man-made and natural perils affecting their owned/leased locations. These capabilities are delivered by a staff of seasoned risk and loss control consultants experienced in various types of operations stemming from business interruption’s and property damage to total loss property use. Our service offerings include the following capabilities: · Detailed Inspections · Operational Surveys · Tennant Operations Hazard and Risk Assessments · Fire Protection System Review and Analysis · Machinery and Equipment Breakdown Analysis · Loss Control · Hazard Risk and Mitigation Our clients acquire significant benefits by accessing loss control services within Easy Safety Solutions including third party objective opinion of risk, highly qualified view of available risk mitigation capabilities analyses, enterprise-wide risk assessment. Assisting our clients to reduce and manage the risk to facilities in a practical and cost-effective manner, while addressing all concerns that are logical and practical and considers important aspects, including damage to structures, equipment and inventory, business interruption costs, and personnel safety including general public.

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A Safety First Facility begins with the basics of compliance.

Is it clear what to do in the event
of an Emergency?

Ready for a Rapid Response?
floods, storm, crisis, lightning strike, power outage and unforeseen damages.

A safety audit is a simple but powerful tool and is designed to inspire your team to get involved. Our professionals have years of experience conducting safety audits

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Our experience, insurance, area licenses, our equipment, trucks, employees, and network crews give us all the ability to handle any situation - "Cost Effectively".

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a compound that is made from incomplete combustion. It is colorless and odorless. Sometimes it is referred to as the “silent killer” because it is almost completely undetectable without using detection technology.  High levels of CO can be very dangerous to humans depending on the amount there is and length of exposure.   Over longer periods of time, smaller amounts can be harmful but larger amounts need less exposure to be harmful.  A carbon monoxide detector or CO detector is a device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms of CO poisoning are like those of the flu: headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue.  You may not realize you’re being poisoned until the damage has been done. This is why these detectors are very helpful.  CO detectors measure CO levels over time.  The alarm goes off before dangerous levels of CO build up in the environment, giving people a good enough warning to evacuate or ventilate the area.  Some detectors are system-connected and also inform a monitoring service that can send out emergency services if needed.  CO detectors don’t act as smoke detectors and vice versa, but there are smoke/CO detectors available.  Some common sources of CO in the home can be open flames, space heaters, water heaters, blocked chimneys or running a car inside a garage.  CO detectors need a constant power supply, so it is not effective if the power gets cut off.  
Local codes require are models that offer back-up battery power.

Emergency Lighting  Standard Emergency Lights,   Low Profile emergency lights,   
22-watt emergency light remote capable,   
50-watt emergency light remote capable,   
100-watt emergency light remote capable.

ask us about varieties of Emergency Lighting Units for Commercial Properties.
Exit Sign Single & Double Sided Red LED Battery Back Up
LED Battery Back Up exit sign designed with durability in mind. The battery provides 3 hours of emergency backup during any power outage. Cut the cost of lighting exits by up to 96% with this energy-efficient sign  Approx. $25.00
Emergency Light and LED Exit Sign
LED Battery Back Up Combination Emergency Light / Exit Sign designed with durable high impact flame retardant thermoplastic. Unit can be used as a SINGLE or DOUBLE sign  Approx. $48.00
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast
Fluorescent Emergency Ballast allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the unit switches to the emergency mode and operates for 90 minutes  Approx. $88.00