Custom Suspended Ceilings. Acoustical Ceilings.
Installations for all types.
Custom Parts and access panels made where needed.
We want the out of the ordinary jobs.
 Suspended Ceilings
Answering the questions you send us, Contractors Working for Solutions.
Special coatings. Custom hardware for non-factory grid jobs. Items crafted for custom fitting.
Fabricated items for anything - Dropped, suspended, acoustical ceilings and ceiling tiles.  Installations, replacements, reconditioning.
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Custom Suspended Ceilings
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The ceiling in most cases is the most visible, eye catching part of the building. The choices made, and the design for installation mean too much. Differing level lines around the room, out of the ordinary angles, varying colors and lighting all add to the scheme of the property.

We make architectural parts.
We make architectural installations.
Prices, options and alternatives on the various types of ceiling work.

Our prices are not high. We are equipped and able to get the job done.
Ask us about wholesale and fabricated parts for Office fit-outs, acoustical, suspended, commercial property ceilings and fire code concerns.

Answers and options
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We make architectural access panels.
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custom access panels, thru-wall supports, in wall units, custom parts, replacement, brackets, wall mounting, installers, built in.  Ceiling grid, suspended ceilings, dropped ceiling tiles, 2x4 ceiling tiles, support wires, customized ceilings, tees, ceiling repairs, acoustical ceiling lighting, ceiling tracks, ceiling wire, fire proof ceiling tiles and hardware for suspended ceilings - view our PRICE LIST.

Banquet Room.
Entrance Lobby.
Atrium - Foyer.
Access panels, special lighting, duct work concealing, recessed lighting,
grid work, main tees, cross tees
suspension wires and
access panels.

Fire protection, fireproof ceilings, tremor proofing, sprinkler systems, emergency signals, debris protection ceiling systems, preventing the spread of fire, asbestos. Combine fire protection with other indispensable functions: we can provide you with integral flush-mounted lighting, loudspeakers, inspection hatches and much, much more. Lay-On or Hook-On systems, maintenance-friendly Swing-Down systems, innovative ceilings with patented Drop-Slide operation or our unique Post Cap grid system with cross noggins.

And Contact us about:
Fire-resistance rating F30 and F90, tested to DIN 4102-2.
General Building Authorities Test Certificates (abP)
Building material classification for metal ceiling panels, including surface finish, A2-s1,d0 tested to DIN EN 13501-1 with General Building Authorities Approval (abZ), non-combustible according to building regulations. fire proof, custom parts, fabricated parts,   2x2 fluorescent fixtures, popcorn ceilings.
F30 + Smokeproofing conforming, wholesale, recessed lights,
MPA inspection report, replacement, brackets,
Acoustic lighting raft or module
structural soffit or in coffers allowing
free air movement, 2x4 fluorescent fixtures,
natural cooling. ceiling lights, lighting,
Electrogalvanised steel panels
Electrogalvanised steel structure.
Standard width access panels, panel, ceiling,
Standard length installers, supplier, support wires,
Specially conceived suspension hangers and frame fixing connectors.
Powder painting, acoustical, suspended, dropped,
Minimum ceiling drop. ceilings, ceiling tiles, ceiling grid, tees,
Flexibility, square or rectangular panels, sound-proofing, soundproof panels, false ceiling, plaster/paper sound-proof baffles
at the walls and Acoustic absorption.
Serving all areas Narberth, Lower Merion, Ardmore, Havertown, Bryn Mawr,
Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA.

 2X4 and 2X2 grid work.
From minor improvements to a whole new job tiles, track, supports, lighting fixtures, track painting, modifications and damages old made new by: Contractors Solutions Inc. Acoustical Ceilings, South Philadelphia, Contractors from South Philly - The Economical Trade-Workers for Profitable Properties.


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